Welcome to Presence In Action Collective

We are a social enterprise providing learning and development opportunities to fee-paying clients, enabling us to work with charities, groups and communities, which do not have the same access to such learning and development resources.

The common factor in the learning and development solutions we deliver, is our capacity to support organisations to co-create their culture consciously.

In doing this work, we:

  • Help nurture authentic generative relationships across people‚Äôs working and personal lives.
  • Help organisations build the capacity of their people to be even more resourceful, resilient and response-able.
  • Help organisations meet the demands of their world.

Whether you are thinking about large scale cultural change, team development or building your organisations capacity to lead in a volatile, unpredictable world, we in PIA Collective are here.

To find out more about how we could work together please click here or contact us directly on hello@piacollective.org.uk.