We work on the basis that as contributors ‘Enough equals Enough’ E=E:Cos.

This conveys the essence of the ‘sufficiency principle’ that underpins the way we do business.

Clients and PIA practitioners are contributors – each benefiting each other and also those we support beyond the financial transactions that flow between us.

25% of every contract supports the running of PIAC which in turn serves our member base.

Members support each other through buddying within and between CiP gatherings through reciprocal PIA hosting.

CAP2 & CAP3 practitioners and those engaging in our apprenticeship learning process volunteer as practice partners in the delivery of PIA trainings to newcomers.

All of us extend our voluntary support into our families, friendship groups and wider communities in implicit and explicit ways.

In 2019 we gave bursaries to 21 members to a value of £2,320.00 (m’ship fees and reduced/free attendance at CiP gatherings). This bank of fee-free contribution in exchange for learning amongst PAI practitioners is the bedrock of our integrated generative learning model.

Once PIAC finds firm financial footing, we will fund more community-based interventions.

For more information please feel free to download our E=ECos diagram below or contact us on hello@piacollective.org.