How We Work

As mentioned earlier, we are a social enterprise providing learning and development opportunities to fee-paying clients, enabling us to work with charities, groups and communities, which do not have the same access to such learning and development resources.

We work with organisations to support them to co-create their own cultures consciously.

We do this by hosting individuals and groups, to enable them to individually and collectively access and process what is present and current. We believe, that in taking stock of what is present (personally and collectively) we enable organisations to co-evolve new ways of meeting the challenges they face.

We embrace a complexity thinking paradigm in all that we do which means:

  • We listen to clients to understand what is showing up in there organisation, today. 
  • We work with the complexities of reality..never trying to push a prescribed solution on a complex problem.
  • We respond to what is going on for the client in the present, knowing that we may have to change our approach along the way.
  • We offer an approach that is sustainable over the long term by helping to build an organisations internal capacity to co-create their culture consciously.
  • We use the P6 Constellation framework to hold conversations on an individual and group level, and across the organisation. 
  • Our Collective of Practitioners come with varied experiences in diverse fields. They are also constantly developing their skills at delivering our work, through Supervision, Group Practice and Community in Practice Days.
  • We provide a way of delivering learning and development to our fee paying clients whilst also supporting the third sector.

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