What makes us different

We believe our approach is unique in that it offers:

  • One shared lens – We use the P6 Constellation as a lens to do all our work whether with individuals, groups or across an entire organisation. This holds the possibility for a shared language and understanding to filter across a client’s organisation.
  • A way of resourcing organisations – Our approach supports organisations to build their internal capacity to hold more.
  • A way of holding complexity – Our approach allows us to hold ambiguity and complexity. Our work is truly underpinned by complex thinking paradigms meaning we have the capacity to honour and explore reality.
  • Diversity – We are a Collective and therefore draw on a wide variety of Member Practitioners who have diverse and varied experiences in many fields. 
  • Walk the talk – As practitioners we are constantly working on our own being and doing through Supervision, Group Practice and Community in Practice Days. 
  • Accessibility for all – We provide a way of delivering learning and development to our fee paying clients whilst also supporting the third sector.