Our Practitioners

Our organisation is made up of Member Practitioners from across the world.

Our Member Practitioners come from a wide range of sectors and fields including the public, corporate, teaching, media, the arts, business consultancy, NGO, health and academia. While this brings a variety of perspectives and experience from different contexts and continents, what we all have in common is the ability to support an individual or group to navigate what is present, using the P6 Constellation framework. 

All our member practitioners have committed to an ongoing deep and extensive process in working with the P6 Constellation. We source and resource our members through:

  • Training
  • Mentoring
  • Supervision
  • Group practice 
  • Community in Practice Gatherings
  • Self-reflection using the P6 framework
  • Learning apprenticeships.

We believe this self-work allows us to build OUR own capacity to hold our clients and enables us to nurture (re)generative authentic relationships across both OUR own working and personal lives.  

As a part of our E=E:Cos model we also offer PIA bursaries to individuals and groups who would like to become a Member Practitioner but are less able to fund their participation.

To find out more about our members click here or contact us on hello@piacollective.org.uk.